XVI Annual "Sakharov’s Readings" — The High School Conference in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

XVI Sakharov'S Readings are going to be held from May 19 to May 22, 2006 at Lyceum "Physical -Technical High School".

The chair of an Organizing Committee of the conference is Professor Zhores Alferov, the 2000 Physics Nobel Prize Winner.

High school students are invited to submit their research papers in the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science. Students will be asked to prepare presentations in all sections. In addition, the poster sessions will be held for Physics and Biology sections. Russian and English are the official languages of the conference in all sections. All presentations should not exceed – 10 minutes. Each delegation will be provided with the interpreter.

We accept: no more than 8 applications from each school, with no more than 5 for each specific section. To apply send (by e-mail, .doc or .rtf) a short description of the paper (no more than 70 words) and an abstract (maximum 2 pages, double-spaced).

The deadline for applications is March 6, 2006!

Applicants will be notified no later than March 20, 2006 whether or not their papers are accepted for oral or poster presentation.

The registration fee for the Conference is $85 for each participant, including chaperones. The Conference Organizing Committee will provide you accommodation and a cultural program at the expense of the participants. The total cost for whole program (hotel, meals, and cultural program) is $70 per person per day. The Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" will host the participants from May 15 until May 25, 2006.



Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

Sincerely yours,
Mikhail Ivanov, Principal
Gennady Mikhailov, Deputy Principal